Shrouded in Shadows

Shrouded in Shadows

Heroes met in the Blackcap Mountains.
Headed to a nearby city within the Vanguard Keep.
Learned about the severe imbalance in nature from Noah’s teacher and followers of Pelor.
Learned of the amassing hordes of greenskins to the south.
Headed south east to Cragwar.
Aided Broffgarlb the goblin as he was assaulted in Cragwar.
Learned of missing goblin children.
Discovered a nearby forest had been recently clear cut.
Found large timber warehouse in the area.
Investigated and came upon dozens of imprisoned and malnourished greenskins.
Came up with plan to lure captain with jail keys and free prisoners.
Intercepted by guards upon leaving the warehouse.
Dealt with guards, Jarl Karl and his bodyguards show up.

Fought it out with Jarl Karl’s guards and won the battle.
Lowminder burned down the Jarl’s house.
Villagers thank the party for liberating their kin.
Goblin emissary requests that the party escort him to a nearby village.
Party accepts.
Ambushed on the road by a bard who nearly succeeds at slaying Apollo.
Bard insists that the party turn on and slay Apollo because he’s a mass murderer.
Party refuses, bard flees.

Lowminder realizes Noah smells odd.
Scout is missing.
Party begins to question Noah.
Noah is able to answer some questions.
Party disbelieves Noah and turns on him.
The real Noah returns.
The impostor is Guntar.
Party travels along the road and is ambushed by a wyvern.
Guntar lands the killing blow.
Party searches for wyvern’s treasure horde in a nearby cave.
Apollo and Guntar make their way to the bottom of a steep drop at the end of the small cave.
In the next room there are many devils, Apollo is caught by the most ferocious.
In an effort to save Apollo, Lowminder and the rest of the group make their way down.
But it was too late.
Lowminder sacrifices himself so the rest of the party can escape.
Apollo and Lowminder pass away.
Noah, Syrene and Guntar make their way to the target town H’atheril.
The goblin emissary leads them to a bar in the greenskin slums.
The barkeep and him speak for awhile, and the party meets Thorne.
The barkeep and goblin request that if the party wishes to continue to aid the green revolution, they meet Grundur later that night at the bar.
Guntar goes to a herpes infested brothel.
Thorne is slightly intrigued by the offer of pay, and joins the party.
Syrene gets drunk off of one glass of wine.
The party follows the goblin to his residence and learn of his basement armory.
They receive pay for escorting the goblin to his home.



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